Software Engineering     in Business Intelligence

With our domain knowledge, technical skills and by using proven development methodologies, we are able to design and develop innovative business intelligence software solutions.IBCS compliance consulting services. Power BI.  Smart visualisations. Multiple data sources. Cross-platform Solution. Secure and protected data. Extensions, tables and charts according to IBCS®.

Smart and Custom Visualizations

  • The combination of smart visualizations and the patented Qlik engine for data indexing reveals all relationships between data dimensions and reveals insights that would have remained hidden in traditional, hierarchical and query-based data models.
  • Custom visualisations.
  • Enabled data visualisation all at one dashboard by reading from multiple data sources.
  • Cost-effective: No additional server required.
  • Intuitive user guidance, extensive commenting options.
  • IBCS-compliant extensions. Licensing system for extensions. Tables and Charts according to IBCS®.

Finance and healthcare software solutions

  • Kodecta’s expertise in finance processes and regulations can help you to quickly convert raw data into meaningful information that drives profitable business actions. Kodecta’s BI experts have experience in multiple domains:
  • Complete BI solution for banking. Our end-to-end solution can help you convert raw data into meaningful information in various segments, such as Application processing, Risk, Loans, Accounting, Payments, Accounts.
  • Accounting solution that can be easily adapted to any sector including Insurance, Banking, Tax administration and Healthcare.
  • 360 view of the most important data in healthcare. From patient to financial data, all in one solution.

MS SSAS solutions

  • SSAS provides an unparalleled solution for an end-user reporting solution. By pre-aggregating data, users can make important decisions faster due to the ability to have data prepared in seconds.
  • User driven reports - Users can use Power BI or Excel to create reports based on their needs.
  • Security - Users can be limited to viewing only a subset of data on the same report.
  • Performance - By pre aggregating data, users can browse through billions of records with ease.
  • KPI - Be informed about your most important KPIs with ease.

Multiple Data Sources

  • Different data sources - one application links multiple data sources.
  • Real-time data feeds.
  • Providing comprehensive views without sacrificing performance.
  • Consistent, secure and protected data.
  • Protected data with simple self-service.

Collaboration and Sharing Insights

  • Comprehensive data storytelling.
  • Visually shared analysis, insights communicated across teams, more efficient collaboration.

Advanced Search Features

  • Smart Search for ultimate flexibility.
  • Simplified search processes.
  • Shows you connections between data and information.

Power BI consulting services

  • Customer-centric Power BI solutions integrating local resources and our expertise.
  • Harnessing the power of your intelligence through data modeling and analytics.
  • Utilizing business intelligence through at-glance visualizations giving you a 360 overview of your data to improve decision making.

Cross-platform Solution

  • Access analysis anywhere, anytime, from any device.
  • Easily switch between desktop, tablet and smartphone, with automatic adaptation to each device. Solve problems on the go.
  • Ability to respond directly and keep ideas moving.

Software Engineering in business intelligence


We deliver expertise for domains.

Kodecta is your conduit to the cutting-edge technological innovations within emerging industries, from Web and Mobile to Big Data to Internet of Things. Our development process revolves entirely around your needs. If you want custom software products, systems, solutions, and services that improve the way you do business, stop searching. We approach every project – big or small – with the same level of care and professionalism. And we work alongside you every step of the way.

With years of experience in Fintech domain, our teams provide solid and secure solutions for financial organisations. Some of the world’s top ranked banks, insurance and mortgage companies use solutions designed and developed by our engineers.


Race track management system is a strict environment which allows creativity in many segments, but within its core it is a requirement to be robust, minimum downtime, precise, secure and a highly reliable system.

We design it to handle your business in season peaks, allowing its expansion and integration with many services you wish to offer to the customers before, during or after visiting your facilities.


Codecta gathers team of experts in intralogistics software solutions who successfully respond to the demands of working with big players as well as promoting innovative start-ups. Such a synergy of broad experience guarantees excellent results and success for your fully customized solutions.


Central identity as secure, modern and integrative system demands solid domain knowledge and strong technology expertise. At Kodecta we are fully crafted to deal with such challenges, to help our partners develop and implement a central identity system with options of various integrations of 3rd party identity management solutions.

Identity Management

We at Kodecta expertly design, develop and help you implement BI software solutions, enabling your company gain competitive advantages, including new customer leads, identifying resource leaks and optimizing resources and operations.

Business Intelligence