Intralogistics Software Engineering

With our domain knowledge, use of modern software and proven development methodologies, we are able to consult on, design and enhance the architecture and development of logistics software solutions. Our key expertise is WMS implementation and integration with existing logistics and back-end systems (ERP, WCS, PLC…)


• High scale cloud-based architecture intended to cover main warehouse processes:     • Inbound     • Internal Processes     • Outbound • Simple and responsive user interface• Integration with 3rd party systems• Smart algorithms – Internal routes, location finder, pick sequence• Predictive Analytics – Advanced decision-making support based on internal and external data resources.

Inbound features

• Automatic Receiving – Automatic receiving of announced containers, often called “scan tunnels".• Manual Receiving – Manual receiving of delivered stock using mobile terminals• Data Collection – Automatic collection of article's dimensions using dimensioning systems like Cubiscan.• Protocols - Unloading, receiving, and quality check protocols including all the relevant data.

Order Management features

• Backward Termination – Calculation of the latest/optimal picking start point based on the amount of order lines, available resources and expected load in the warehouse.• Release – Release of single or batch of orders to be planned.• Packaging – Calculating the optimal number of resulting units for allocated stock, considering articles dimensions, mixing restrictions and several other criteria.• Start – Calculation of the optimal start point of the single pre-calculated (packaging) unit based on available resources and current load in the warehouse.• Updates – Possibility to update orders (and clean up the leftovers) even after the picking process has been started/executed.

Picking features

• “Man to Goods” paradigm – Using mobile terminal devices, voice (voice recognition) and vision (augmented reality).• “Goods to Person” paradigm – Goods from automated shelves are transported over conveyers to a picking station.• Replenishment – Planning and execution of stock-related and order-related replenishments.• Pick Flows – Optimized parallel execution of several pick flows in order to increase the pick performance.• Performance Reports – Sophisticated pick performance reports (manual and automated areas).

Food Intralogistics

• Lot number and best-before-date tracking (stock separation criteria)• Piece, weight and piece-weight articles• Frozen articles• Separation criteria between specific article groups• Product recall

Software engineering in Intralogistics


We deliver expertise for domains.

Kodecta is your conduit to the cutting-edge technological innovations within emerging industries, from Web and Mobile to Big Data to Internet of Things. Our development process revolves entirely around your needs. If you want custom software products, systems, solutions, and services that improve the way you do business, stop searching. We approach every project – big or small – with the same level of care and professionalism. And we work alongside you every step of the way.

With years of experience in Fintech domain, our teams provide solid and secure solutions for financial organisations. Some of the world’s top ranked banks, insurance and mortgage companies use solutions designed and developed by our engineers.


Race track management system is a strict environment which allows creativity in many segments, but within its core it is a requirement to be robust, minimum downtime, precise, secure and a highly reliable system.

We design it to handle your business in season peaks, allowing its expansion and integration with many services you wish to offer to the customers before, during or after visiting your facilities.


Codecta gathers team of experts in intralogistics software solutions who successfully respond to the demands of working with big players as well as promoting innovative start-ups. Such a synergy of broad experience guarantees excellent results and success for your fully customized solutions.


Central identity as secure, modern and integrative system demands solid domain knowledge and strong technology expertise. At Kodecta we are fully crafted to deal with such challenges, to help our partners develop and implement a central identity system with options of various integrations of 3rd party identity management solutions.

Identity Management

We at Kodecta expertly design, develop and help you implement BI software solutions, enabling your company gain competitive advantages, including new customer leads, identifying resource leaks and optimizing resources and operations.

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