Software engineering in the Hospitality domain

With our domain knowledge, use of modern software and proven development methodologies, we are able to consult on, design and enhance the architecture and development of software solutions in race track complex. System Interconnections Web services Micro services Transaction control Payment, POS and barrier integrations Security management.

Booking engine

• High scale software solution and application architecture intended for fast and dynamic environments deployed on multiple geo locations and stressed with millions requests from different sources. • Application architecture designed for database replications, data migrations, data archive and huge data cash services with appropriate adapters for different applications and architectures • Huge systems also require good session management for various type of sessions.

Hotel Chains and Channel Managers

• Integration of booking portals with various chain’s reservation systems, channel managers and multimedia providers • Implementation of multimedia storage algorithms, smart multimedia filters and caching mechanisms • Smart hotel matching algorithms including geolocation systems which remove duplicate and incomplete entities

HD Content

• Cloud based application architecture secured, deployed and managed with Amazon Web Services (AWS) • Integration with Amazon S3, deployment on Amazon EC2, request balancing with Elastic Load Balancing and fast content delivery based on Amazon’s CDN CloudFront • Experience with AWS Lambdas used for S3 and Amazon’s storage systems

Market analytics

• Smart market application intended for business analytics, statistics and price comparison with integrated notification system and communication tools • Dynamic and complex charts intended for specific business plans and huge number of data with smart data-filtering and preparations • Single sign on (SSO) access management with Keycloak integration including authentication and authorisation for internal and external users and clients

Fraud detection system

• Smart credit card fraud detection based on custom and highly configurable algorithms (bonus-malus point system, weights, blacklists etc.) intended for decreasing credit card and payment frauds • Credit card geolocation detection and integration with payment providers to gather additional details (like status or credit card history) in order to increase fraud detection

Race track management

• Robust, minimum downtime, precise, secure and a highly reliable system architecture designed to handle business in season peaks, allowing its expansion and integration with many other services which are offered to the customers before, during or after visiting the facilities. • Data sharing with various systems intended for online shopping, club members, vouchers and accounting. Data analytics and algorithms used for gamifications, points and gifts. • Integration of multiple complex systems (Oracle POS, Skidata barriers, various Payment providers) • Automatic reports, scheduled application events and various types of statistics • Micro service architecture deployed on different environments which serve different resources •  System applicable to any facility where ticketing, entrance, visit, post visit information is valuable

Software engineering in Race Track Management System (RTMS) case study


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Race track management system is a strict environment which allows creativity in many segments, but within its core it is a requirement to be robust, minimum downtime, precise, secure and a highly reliable system.

We design it to handle your business in season peaks, allowing its expansion and integration with many services you wish to offer to the customers before, during or after visiting your facilities.


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Identity Management

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